Stock Fiberglass Pergola Kits and Custom Pergolas


Standard Pergola Kits

Pergola Kit with Square Columns

Square Column Pergola Kit

Pergola Kit with Round Columns

Round Column Pergola Kit

We offer pergola kits and custom arbors made only from fiberglass.  We do not offer wood, vinyl, or aluminum as we do not offer inferior products that we can’t warranty for life (Read more).

Our arbors will not rot, warp, bow, or get infested with insects unlike the other materials listed so we can confidently warranty ours for a lifetime.  We offer 3 standard kits: 12’ x 12’, 14’ x 14’, and 16’ x 16’ with either round non-tapered columns or square non-tapered columns (download footprint drawings and packing list of our stock pergola kits).  Each kit is semi customizable as far as the columns are concerned, colors, and rafter tails.  Standard kits come in white and are available as quick as 10 days for installation.  We can install the pergola for you or you can install it using our detailed installation instructions.

The kits pictured above are in a very boring setting so as to isolate the actual design but if you want to see some nice pergola applications, please visit our gallery.

Custom Pergolas

fiberglass pergola with round columns
Fiberglass Custom Pergola
Octagonal Pergola

Octagonal Pergola

Custom pergolas are available in as few as 3 weeks and come ready for install with stainless steel hardware included.  Custom pergolas are relatively inexpensive as we already have the molds for the rafters and simply cut them longer or shorter to your specifications.  We also have a plethora of column styles and decorative capitals and bases that aren’t part of our standard kits but for which we already have molds for.  In other words, you aren’t paying the expensive mold costs that are typically associated with custom products.  Our standard and custom pergolas can be installed by a 2 man crew in a matter of hours as we pre-machine each kit for a seamless installation and provide comprehensive installation instructions.  If you don’t have the crew, we would be more than happy to install the pergola for you.